Having the liquidity to maintain the proper level of available inventory is key to keeping your business going. Often you will need additional working capital during slow months or enough cash flow to ramp up your inventory for peak seasons; our Goba Buyback line can help your business by delivering funding up front against eligible inventory. With Goba Buyback, we purchase inventory from clients, providing them with the option but not always the requirement to repurchase it under a buyback agreement at a predetermined price over time.

This service can benefit a diverse range of customers:

– If you have seasonal sales and need to stock up in advance.

– If you need to purchase goods to take advantage of opportunistic deals and / or discounts.

– If your business model requires you to carry large inventories to fulfill unexpected demands.


  • Clients are able to finance their inventory without reporting debt on the company’s balance sheet.
  • Maintain acceptable inventory levels without sacrificing cash flow
  • Obtain purchasing discounts
  • Quick access to inventory
  • Unlock the cash sitting in your inventory
  • Obtain financing of up to 80% of the market value of your inventory
  • Allows you to leverage inventory
  • Allows your business to accumulate inventory (i.e. to meet contractual obligations)
  • Easier to get than conventional financing
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