FLUIE is an innovative and unique service designed to provide liquidity to companies to pay their suppliers. This solution was developed in Ecuador through the alliance between Seguros Confianza and GOBA Capital. Through this groundbreaking service, companies can obtain a revolving line of credit to pay their suppliers’ invoices with extended terms of up to 150 days. Five days after filing a simple application, GOBA can provide revolving credit lines to our clients, which are immediately available to pay their suppliers invoices, freeing up cash flow.


  • Optimize cash flow.
  • Extend your payment terms up to 150 days.
  • Strengthen commercial relationships with suppliers by offering them liquidity.
  • Improve negotiations with your suppliers.
  • Leverage prompt payment discounts.
  • The amount of the line of credit is set according to the customer’s repayment capacity.
  • The approved line of credit is revolving, approved for a period of one year, and can be renewed thereafter.
  • The line of credit can be used with all the customer´s suppliers.
  • The approval time is 5 business days, once required documents have been received.
  • Disbursements occur less than 48-hours upon approval.


Simple and flexible processes.
Speed in the processand approval.
Liquidity and cash flowin less than 48 hours.
Personalized service.
Management andcollection of your invoices.
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